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Serious Shortage of Containers in the Coming Months

Issuing time:2017-11-21 00:00

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the global demand for goods transportation has decreased sharply due to the blockade measures of various countries in the world. To this end, Chinese and foreign shipping companies have suspended shipping routes, reduced the number of export containers, and substantially dismantled idle container ships. In recent six months, the distribution of containers in the world is seriously unbalanced. During the epidemic period, the ports around the world could not operate normally, coupled with the stagnation of transportation and the suspension of ships, which further restricted the circulation of container equipment, resulting in the accumulation of more containers in the port. From the container shortage in foreign countries in the early stage of the epidemic to the repeated epidemic situation in Europe, America and other countries, a large number of empty containers have been overstocked in the United States, Europe and Australia, but the containers in Asia are seriously insufficient.

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